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Our radio ministry broadcast began in October of 2011, broadcasting from Boise on 790 AM from 2-3pm and repeating on 94.1 FM from 8-9pm Weekdays. Now also broadcasting from Pocatello on 1490 AM from 7-8pm and 1-2am.

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We have started new "study notes" (lists of scripture references) to go along with the studies. Check these out at

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Check out the resource webpage at for those who are interested in original resource materials from our group study. has now had over 75000 unique visitors and counting. Feel free to tell a friend about and more importantly about Jesus Christ and the Word!

Event presents:
Footprints of Prophecy: In the Book of Daniel
Thank you for joining us.(nondenominational free Bible study live seminar Meridian Idaho; March 14-17, 2013)

We held our second annual "meet and greet" event at the radio station in November and are planning on a great second year of recording and 

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We host an ongoing Bible study on Friday nights from 7:00PM to 9:00PM.

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