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Radio Ministry

God is so good!

New broadcasts in the coming weeks. Contact us for new show dates or podcasts.

Now with our third station broadcasting in Pocatello, Idaho on:

KRTK 1490 AM Weekdays from 7-8pm and 1-2am

(KRTK broadcasts are 1 week behind Boise broadcasts)

and as heard transmitting from Boise since October 2011 on:

KSPD 790 AM "Boise's Solid Talk" Weekdays from 2-3pm

KBXL 94.1 FM "The Voice" Weekdays from 8-9pm

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We need to recruit more Bible study groups to participate in the internet and radio ministry - please contact us to get involved!

We have launched the new site for podcasts but it is a work in progress so please send us your suggestions or any problems with the site. The new URL for the podcasts is

We will be discussing topics and questions submitted through so please contact us and get involved in this energizing and fruitful study of the Bible, God's Word. We are all in this together!
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