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We encourage study of God's Word, the Bible, for our growth in our relationship through the Holy Spirit with our Savior,
Jesus Christ

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New broadcasts starting November 17th! Three week study of Romans.
May God bless your study of His Word.

Welcome to our website. We are a Christian group of believers working together to serve God in spreading the Gospel message of Matthew 28. Our outreach centers on a Bible-based approach to answering tough questions through open, honest and prayerful study together. Our group approaches our study with prayer and the Bible as our source.

We Rely On Scripture and encourage others to consider doing the same by reviewing theological and doctrinal issues in view of the Word.

We hope to have the opportunity to share our journey with you and for us all to experience God's blessings together.

Numbers 13:27

Thus they told him, and said, "We went in to the land where you sent us; and it certainly does flow with milk and honey, and this is its fruit."
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