About Us

A Little Background about RelyOnScripture.com

  • Our radio ministry began from an unanticipated invitation from a local Christian radio station in Boise, Idaho who asked us to share what we were learning in our group Bible study. You can link to one of our our originating station's webpage here http://www.941thevoice.com
  • We are all volunteer and we do not ask for donations
  • While various participants in our RelyOnScripture.com "community" attend various Christian churches, we are strictly non-denominational Christian and respect peoples' choice in religion and church attendance
  • We have grown since 2007 to include a website, podcasts, FaceBook presence and continued recording of new radio broadcasts
  • We broadcast in various markets by radio but have heard from listeners by podcast from around the globe
  • Some of our participants in our RelyOnScripture.com "community" have passed on and rest in the Lord; so you can still refer questions to David@RelyOnScripture.com and our group will try to address them

Send us your Bible questions and suggestions for new Bible studies. 

We also welcome your thoughts and comments.

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